3 best Anti-Procrastination Principles/Techniques

Procrastination is unbeatable.

At least that’s what I used to think when I was younger. No matter how many times I tried, I always ended up completing my assignments at the last moment.

Little did my younger-self know that procrastination is a habit build by long-term wrong decisions. Here are 3 anti-procrastination principles that have made me a lot more productive and efficient. Continue reading 3 best Anti-Procrastination Principles/Techniques

How to Self-Discipline yourself

Achieving Success is a painfully long process. It demands patience and perseverance, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. And maybe, that’s the reason why we are tempted to give up so easily.
Is there a way to smoothen out that process? If there really is way, then why aren’t we all successful?
Yes, the answer is Self-Discipline. People who are practice self-discipline avoid indulging themselves in pleasures that may lead to the long-term guilt. This keeps them happier than people who don’t. These near-to-perfect people like them are not cut out from a different cloth. If they can do it, you can too. But, the question is how? Continue reading How to Self-Discipline yourself

5 stress-relieving daily Habits

Life comes with a package of it’s own difficulties and stress. Our day-to-day trivial decisions and habits can contribute to it many folds.

40% of our day-to-day decisions are based on the habits that we cultivated with time. And yes, it means that our present life circumstances reflect the habits that we have maintained till now.

If you have figured out your bad habits and want to learn how to overcome them, then you should definitely read my 5 ways to make habits stick. If you haven’t figured them out yet, relax, I’m here to help you. Continue reading 5 stress-relieving daily Habits

Good Habits: 5 ways to make habits stick

Deciding to form a new habit is easy, but making them stick for a long time is the difficult part. Maybe that’s the reason why we tend to fail more than we succeed.

There are many people who blame a lack of self-discipline for this, I believe that the most important thing is to have a strong reason to learn the new habit in the first place. Just wanting to study 2 hours everyday is not a strong reason. Studying everyday to ace in the class and to get admitted to a good university is a stronger reason.

Anyway, Now that we’ve covered the most important part of sticking habit, let’s move to other 5 major factors to make a habit stick. Continue reading Good Habits: 5 ways to make habits stick