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5 Daily Habits that stops me from getting overwhelmed

Fortunately, Successful-Habit-formation process is not an inherited trait. That means, with enough will-power and efforts, we can develop healthy habits. And yes my friend, that means that you can level-up your life

Here are 5-micro habits that you should practice at least 8 days out of 10. Make sure that you read other articles on my Blog as well!

Meditation – What, Why, and How?

The reason why most us are pretty skeptical about Meditation is because we have created a vague image and carried it for so long that whenever we try to meditate, Our mind reminds us of the past experiences when only good happened by sitting for hours was to bore us. So, despite of many scientific evidences, We conclude that meditation is merely a technique created by people in the era where they had nothing much to dabble with.

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Mistakes I used to make while forming new habits

Everyone dreams of living an ideal life where they would readily inculcate all the new and good habits in their life but how are new habits successfully formed? How to enjoy the process until the End? What is the best way to Overcome Procrastination?

Relax, because I’ve got all your questions covered in this Blog post.

Here are some mistakes to avoid while forming new habits.