How to Self-Discipline yourself

Achieving Success is a painfully long process. It demands patience and perseverance, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. And maybe, that’s the reason why we are tempted to give up so easily.

Is there a way to smoothen out that process? If there really is way, then why aren’t we all successful?

Yes, the answer is Self-Discipline. People who are practice self-discipline avoid indulging themselves in pleasures that may lead to the long-term guilt. This keeps them happier than people who don’t.

These near-to-perfect people like them are not cut out from a different cloth. If they can do it, you can too. But, the question is how?

Here’s how,

#1 Avoid Distractions

Why is it important?

Living in the 21st century, distractions are just a click away. Considering that our mind is usually torn between our desires and our duties, multi-tasking often seems like the perfect solution.
But, trust me it is not.

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It does more harm than good. It breaks the work flow and all the more, it takes more time to complete even a simple task. In long term, this may even affect your cognitive skills (Creative and Logical skills).

  • Disrupts the work flow
  • Drains both time and energy
  • May affect your Cognitive skills (Creative and logical skills)

How you can do it?

How do you climb stairs?
One step at a time.

Before you sit down to work/study, decide what you need to do. If it’s a difficult task, break it down to simpler ones and dedicate all your energy to complete that task. Try to get this work finished in a limited amount of time.

Breaks are the golden rule of productivity. If you work for 45 minutes, devote yourself completely – your energy and time. Later enjoy your short breaks, your body deserves it. You can use a timer for that purpose. Just remember to switch off the push notifications while working.

Here are some quick tips to avoid getting distracted,

  • One thing at a time: Before you sit down to work, decide what you need to get done and do not think what you need to get next. Aim to finish the work in a limited time frame and take short breaks after every session.
  • Simplify the difficult tasks: Difficult tasks can be overwhelming for some of us. It’s better to break them down into small chunks and then work on it. This will lessen your burden and increase your productivity.
  • Utilize your gadgets widely: Electronic gadgets play an important role in our personal, social and professional life. But, as every situation has complexity of it’s own, they come with their own disadvantages. It’s best to turn off the push up notifications before you settle down to work.

#2 Take action

The gap between dream and reality is the need to take action. Getting started is a crucial part, where most people tend to procrastinate and even give up. The most common reason behind it being thoughts like,

What others are going to think about me? and Only if I get the motivation to get started!

– Dealing with criticism

It is natural to be affected by other people’s criticism. However, letting those comments break you isn’t right. Most people you are scared to be judged by, weren’t even there when you were at your lowest. As Lao Tzu said, “Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner”.

It is easier said than done, Julie!
I know. There was a time when I was at the same position as you are right now. Here’s my 2 greatest advice to overcome it.

  • Don’t aspire to be liked by everyone: We all want to be accepted by others but while doing so, we often forget to filter out unwanted people from that list. Even within that list, you cannot always meet other people’s expectations. Sometimes you just need to do what is right for you. Don’t let others take decisions (of your life) on your behalf.
  • Don’t be afraid of being laughed at: Whether it be among friends or families, there are times when you’d share something intimate and you’ll get laughed at. The situation might make you too uncomfortable to speak out your thoughts again. You might start questioning your own belief and qualities. Whenever you find yourself in such situations, discuss your fears with your close ones (in private). Ask them whether it is legit to be fearful of them. Who knows, Perhaps you got all conscious for no particular reason.

– When you lack Motivation

It is natural to have days when you don’t feel like working; It is natural to have days when you don’t feel motivated at all; It is natural to have days when you feel like procrastinating. But, don’t let these days outnumber the days that you worked efficiently; Don’t let these days roll into months. If it does, then here’s what you can do,

  • Organize your emotions: Sometimes, the the reason behind lacking the motivation can be unaddressed emotional issues. Before getting started, calm your emotions and imagine your life the way you want it to be. It may seem pretty odd at first, but you’ll master this art with time.

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  • Break down the difficult tasks into smaller pieces: Difficult tasks can be overwhelming and may even make us procrastinate. The best way to finish those difficult tasks is by breaking them down to easy-to-manage pieces. This trick has two advantages. Firstly, you’ll complete the task more efficiently. Secondly, your satisfaction level would increase as you strike off tasks off your list, improving your confidence.

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#3 Stay Consistent

As I always say, the most difficult step is to maintain consistency. Most of us are all quite pumped up in the beginning but as the days pass, we tend to procrastinate more and more on important tasks.

I believe that a strong motive behind achieving a goal, determines our consistency in long-term. You may wanna lose your weight, but without a strong motive behind it, you’re unlikely to achieve that goal.

Wondering how you can stay more consistent?
Here’s how,

  • Have a consistent routine. Our body has a biological clock which periodically repeats some metabolisms in our body. Disrupting your routine, disrupts your metabolism. This can unbalance your emotions and make you less productive.
  • Never compare yourself with other, but you and only you. Every one has their own story; Every one has an unfair advantage in their life. Identify your the potential resources around and grind hard.
  • Push your self: Yes, Sometimes you need to push yourself to finish important tasks. Do not let days snowball into weeks. Ensure that the days you work productively, outnumber the unproductive days.


Above all, stay accountable and be gentle with yourself. Many people think that it’s the fruit of success that’s sweet, quite contrary, it is the journey that’s sweet. If you do not enjoy the journey, the result won’t be worth the efforts that you put in. Enjoy your journey.

Is there something you’d like to add to this list? Please share in the comment section down below.
Until next time.