5 Daily Habits that stops me from getting overwhelmed

Whether it be an Animal or a Human, we are all Creatures of Habits. 40% of our day-to-day decisions are based on the habits that we cultivated with time. In fact, Our present life circumstances reflect the habits that we have maintained till now. Thus, habits play a significant role in shaping our life.

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Fortunately, Successful-Habit-formation process is not an inherited trait. That means, with enough will-power and efforts, we can develop healthy habits. And yes my friend, that means that you can level-up your life!

Here are 5 habits that you should practice at least 8 days out of 10.

Habit 1: Avoid disrupting your Circadian Rhythm

For me, staying up late is quite easier than waking up in the morning and I know that it’s the case with most people out there, Right?

You won’t believe this, but I seriously turned my sleep cycle upside down for couple of months (in the year 2020). I started going to bed at 6 AM and woke up at 1 PM. All because I felt more productive. When in reality it was making me more irritable and I even developed sleeping disorders.

I have a friend of mine who followed a similar sleeping pattern. Unfortunately, She developed Ovarian Cyst. Doctors said that it was because of disruption in her Circadian Rhythm.

But hey! Of course, there are some people do function better the other way round. But it is not necessary that you among those ‘some people’.

We all grew up following the regular routine of sleeping at night and working in the day time. A sudden change in the circadian rhythm would increase the chance of getting neurological and physiological problems. Check out this article to know more. Click Here!

It is better to work in the day time and sleep at the night time unless you have regular night-shifts.

Habit 2: Affirm every morning

Affirmations refer to positive phrases. They are a part of Law of attraction which is based on the simple concept of, you attract what you believe. Chanting couple of positive phrases through out the day boosts our confidence and also calms down our mind.

Now, the questions is, How can affirming help us?
When we speak these positive sentences out loud, they get embedded in our subconscious mind. This reprograms our mind to take decisions in favor of success.

I don’t know about other people, but I have a separate journal/diary where I jot down my future goals and I chant them everyday as if I have achieved those goals. Say, I want to ace my upcoming exam. I would write, “I aced the exam which as held on –/–/—- because I worked hard and smart.” Try to be as specific as you can.

It may feel awkward in the beginning but you’ll eventually start enjoying it. Here’s a link to couple of good Affirmations for you: Click Here!

Habit 3: Plan out the day

The less decisions we have to make, the more likely we are to complete the tasks assigned for a day. Planning out the day in advance keeps our mind decluttered.

I would advice you to fix a time to plan out your day. Say, Early in the morning after waking up or before going to Bed. I prefer planning out my day in the morning.

While planning our your day, don’t just jot-down all the work related task but mention other day-to-day task like self-care, errands to run etc..

Remember: The motive of planning out your day in advance is to keep your mind calm. If you feel overwhelmed by planning out your day then you are either doing something wrong or maybe it simply isn’t for you.

Habit 4: Prepare yourself to face the day

After we plan out our day, we need to get started with the most important task, that is, to attain a peaceful mind. I would suggest not to hop on to your work immediately after planning out your day. Rather read some good books, meditate or do things that would get you ready to face the day.

Here’s how I do it: I plan out my day early in the morning for about 20 minutes. Then I read a book for first 20 minutes and later proceed to meditation. (Though, I sometimes skip the meditation part)

You might also wanna check out The 5 AM Club, by Robin Sharma. This book features the talk on the importance of first 60 minutes of the day. Also, No this is not a sponsored post.

Habit 5: Reflect before going to bed

I believe that this is the best exercise for people who suffer with anxiety issues.

Before going to bed, relax and Analyze your day. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you committed and promise yourself to do better the next day. After this, Do not replay any negative event that happened that day. Neither think of any work that you need to get done tomorrow.

Only you know the things that you went through and now is your time to rest. Believe that you gave your best and detach from your day completely.

Do you feel that the list is incomplete? What else would you wanna add to it?

Your opinions are valuable. Please let me know in the comment section down below.