Meditation – What, Why, and How?

This blog post does is not persuade you into meditation, in anyway. In fact, quite the opposite, it is to understand whether meditation is really for you.

Most of you may not have noticed this, but our Problems do not actually exist in the present moment. Don’t believe me? Try this (Sincerely).

Close your eyes for 5 minutes. Take a deep and slow breaths. Free yourself from all your thoughts and worries. Be aware of things that surrounds you. The breeze brushing against your skin, the sounds in your room, if you are not surrounded with anything right now, then just try to feel the nothingness around you. Now open your eyes and use all your five senses to feel your environment. Though you’ll be occupied by many opinions about the things surrounding you, pay no attention to them rather observe the kinds of thoughts your mind is forming.

It doesn’t matter what work you need to do one minute from now but I want you to realize that all the problems that you believe you have do not exist in the present moment. Focusing on the present moment is all you really need.

But, how do I train myself to focus on the present moment?
One word guys – Meditation.

Read this post till the very end to exploit maximum benefit.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an age-old practice that started around 1500 BC. So, it’s definitely not a new-age trend. The practice is known to originate from Hinduism, and is often mistaken with worshiping.
So, atheists! you are good to go.

Practicing meditation trains a mind to become deeply aware of ones mind and body. In simple words, it helps us analyse our day-to-day thinking pattern and gradually gives us the ability to gain control over our mind and in extreme cases, it gives us control even on our bodies.

Okay, Julie I get it. Meditation equals Relaxation. Right?

No. You may think that meditation is just a synonym for relaxation but it’s not. While, relaxation is merely the process of unwinding from our day-to-day life, meditation is about increasing your attention span along with relaxation.

Apart from scientific benefits like Overcoming depression, stress, headaches etc. there are many Psychic benefits too.

One of the most important thing that this journey teaches us is to have a control over our energy to influence the world. It is less about trying to control the environment as per our need and more about controlling our inner world.

Why Meditation is important?

Meditation offers many health benefits like Controls Stress and Anxiety, Increases the Attention Span, Reduces the risk of age-related memory loss, improves sleep etc. As these are some widely known gifts of meditation I do not wish to indulge myself further into these benefits.

However, If I had to state the importance of Meditation in one line then – Meditation helps us to turn off our mind.

On an average, we receive 2,500 to 3,300 thoughts in an hour and about 85 to 90 percent of these thoughts are repetitive. As if this is less of a chaos, Our mind contributes further to the chaos by preferring to feed more on negativity.

You may not remember those hundreds of compliments that you received but that ‘one’ nasty comment! I’m pretty sure that you still remember it.

How Should I Meditate

If you are a beginner, then it would be best for you to start meditating only for 5 minutes, everyday. Here’s a guide to Meditation.

  1. Find a comfortable place to Sit or Lay down. Ensure that you don’t indulge yourself in too much comfort that you end up opening your eyes the next day.
  2. Breathe a little deep but do not force yourself too much that you get exhaust and end up with hurting ribs.
  3. Focus on your breath and body movement.
  4. Two to three minutes into meditation, you would find yourself drifting off in past hurtful or wrathful memories. Whenever you find yourself doing so, Bring yourself compassionately to the present and just observe your thoughts.

“Seek proper guidance before meditating on your own as it is known to bring up negative past experiences and even hallucinations, in extreme cases”

Meditation has played a significant role in my life. It helped me overcome my separation anxiety. However, I believe that people should seek proper guidance before they start meditating for ‘long hours’.  By long hours, I mean more than 45 minutes everyday.

Unfortunately, Some people keep practicing meditation the wrong way, under the disguise of ‘pushing the limits or crossing the comfort zone” when in reality, they are just contributing to their degrading mental health.