Mistakes I used to make while forming new habits

Everyone dreams of living an ideal life where they would readily inculcate all the new and good habits in their life but how are new habits successfully formed? How to enjoy the process until the End? What is the best way to Overcome Procrastination?

Relax, because I’ve got all your questions covered in this post. Here are some mistakes to avoid while forming new habits

#1 Mistake: Unrealistic Goals

Let us say that Thomas is a high-school student who wants to learn German. He is excited and motivated at the beginning and so he decides to practice learning German for 2 hours every day. He achieves his goal for the first few days but eventually, reality hits him and boom! He has an exam coming up and is left with a couple of assignments to finish. He skips his German Lessons for a few days. Days snowball into weeks and weeks into months. After a few months, he decides to start practising again but the same thing happens and he gives up.I’m pretty sure that by now you must have understood my point. The first mistake that we make while forming a habit is to set unrealistic goals. Let me remind you that the word ‘habit’ by its very definition means – a tendency that is hard to give up. While planning, We often forget the fact that the habit, we are excited to inculcate, is yet to be developed. Instead of giving your new habit humongous amount of time, Why not start with a daily-goal of 5 minutes and consider any extra-time devoted to that habit as a bonus? That way, we don’t have to worry about missing out on our daily success streaks.Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

#Mistake 2: In-Consistency

It takes us 66 days on an average to form a new habit. If we practice something for nearly 2 months then it would eventually get embedded in our routine. Consistency is the key to success in any field. We are not always gonna feel super enthusiastic to complete the daily task but it is important that we show up. Avoid skipping even for a day because it is more likely that a day would snowball into weeks and weeks into months.

#Mistake 3: Always Seeking Motivation

We, as humans, are not always in our best moods. On our journey, There are gonna be days when we would be challenged to escape our comfort zone. Our success rates highly depend on how we respond to that situation. Most of us simply give-up, but only a handful of us would go out there and do what needs to be done.Whenever you feel super-demotivated or super-lazy, just remind yourself that – Motivation leads to progress, progress leads to success, success leads to inspiration, inspiration leads to more motivation. Motivation is a closed-loop. If you don’t cover all the element, you are gonna lose the game.

#Mistake 4: You don’t test yourself often

The more you test yourself, the more confidence you gain. The best way to make the process fun is by frequently testing your retention. If you are learning to play some instruments then set some days when you would test the skills you learned. If you don’t get it correct, practice it again. If you are learning to play a new sport, join as many matches as you can. The point is to improve your skill everyday.

#Mistake 5: Negative-reward behaviour

It is widely known that rewarding ourself makes the process more enjoyable but what no-one adds to it is that most of our rewards should be somewhat related to our end goal. The journey should interest us as much as the result does.If you want to stay fit, then reward yourself after a workout, then buy yourself a cool workout-outfit or a workout-kit. If your goal is to ace in a test then reward yourself at the end of each study session by learning some new facts on the subject or by completing a quiz.This way you will be more confident.

 Bonus point!

No matter how badly we want something there are gonna be days when we just won’t feel like doing it. Our Brain is designed in such a way that it talks us out of uncomfortable situations and it takes it 5 seconds to kill an instinct. It’s a part of survival Mechanism. The 5 seconds rule is based on this principle. Whenever you feel lazy and start procrastinating on an important task, count backwards from 5 (five) to 0 (Zero). As soon as you reach 0 (Zero), no matter what mental state you are in, just FORCE YOURSELF to move physically and to do the work.